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Schlötter Svenska AB

A complete supplier company to the surface treatment industry
In our wide range, you will find the full range of accessories for the galvanic technology industry.

Electrolytic and chemical processes

As a specialist in surface treatment, it is our goal and our task to deliver electrolytic and chemical processes that create coatings with very specific properties. We provide you with competence and quality in the continuous use of the processes.

Chemicals and anode materials

Schlötter supplies specialty and chemicals as well as anode materials for electrolytic and chemical processes.

Plant engineering

We at Schlötter have a solid knowledge of system and surface technology to be able to tailor each facility to the processes that our customers require.

Control system software

At Schlötter we can offer you modifications, support and updates of your control system software and PLC.

Leading supplier

Schlötter Svenska AB

Schlötter Svenska AB is one of the leading suppliers to the surface treatment industry in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.