Electrolytic surface treatment

Electrolytic surface treatment

Electroplated coatings are used in many industries. The largest part of our customer base is the automotive industry, while other customers come from mechanical engineering, construction, medical technology industry, sanitation industry, electronics industry or printed circuit board manufacturing.

Cross-sectoral technology

The surface treatment usually contributes only a small value to the end product, but they still play an important role in the development of innovative products by providing specific properties such as

  • corrosion resistance
  • durability
  • optical properties
  • temperature resistance
  • conductivity
  • solderability

The surface treatment technology helps to extend the life of many everyday objects. Rust on vehicle bodies, oxide on circuit boards or corrosion on bridge parts can be both dangerous and expensive. Society’s annual cost of corrosion is estimated at about 4 percent of GDP. There are costs for corrosion protection and repairs when the corrosion has gone further. Rust can cause both environmental degradation and downtime in industries with production losses. In addition, structures such as bridges and buildings can break down due to corrosion and pose enormous dangers to humans and the environment. Control of corrosion is necessary to eventually reach a circular and sustainable society through, for example, the transition to renewable energy production. The use of offshore wind power, for example, depends entirely on solving corrosion problems. In this way, the surface treatment prevents the destruction of valuable steel materials and contributes to environmental protection and resource conservation.