Plant engineering


Complete solutions for the surface treatment industry

Plant engineering

Since 1982

With more than 150 facilities implemented since 1982, we have extensive experience of production-ready solutions.

We plan and manufacture rack, barrel and manual systems, modernize systems and support our customers with our system technical services throughout the long life of the facility.

Schlötter Svenska AB’s facilities are used for a variety of surface technology applications.

Electroplating systems, cleaning systems, chemical systems and anodizing systems are used in all important industries. The parts to be treated range from a few millimeters to measurements of several meters.

Increasing demands and cost pressures in production require constant further development of plant construction. New technology in automation and digitization offers a large number of opportunities for this.

As an integrated solution supplier, we at Schlötter combine our competencies in plant design, process technology and chemical development and create sustainable solutions for surface treatment.

  • Chemistry and civil engineering
  • Mechanics, electrical & control systems
  • Proven and new technology
  • Process and plant automation

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