Processes that are among the market leaders in the surface treatment industry.


With over 300 wet chemical products, Schlötter covers a very wide range of surface treatment processes. The associated processes, such as pre-treatment, passivation or sealing, are always part of the layer systems.
For the operation of these systems, which are more than 95% proprietary, we offer about 1000 different specialty chemicals.

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· Dip degreasers, e.g. Slotoclean Bio 100 with superior emulsifying ability.
· Electric degreasers, beet solutions, inhibitors and stripper baths.

· Schlötter offers a comprehensive product range with processes for surface treatment of aluminum.
· Cyanide baths for copper stops and glossy cups.
· Acidic baths for decorative surfaces, electroforming and printed circuit board production.

With the help of nickel, it is not only possible to give a surface shine and finish. Technical properties such as good ductility and at the same time hardness can be obtained. Diffusion barriers can be created.

-LOTONICS 30 for drum goods

-LOTONICS 60 for hanging goods

· Triple gloss chrome, SLOTOCHROM DR 1140 and SLOTOCHROM 50.
· Hard chrome
· Black chrome
Zinc and zinc alloys
-For ferrous materials, electrolytic surface treatment with zinc or zinc alloy coatings is one of the most common and best ways to protect against corrosion and is often used in many industries.

-With the zinc processes (cyanide, alkaline-cyanide-free, slightly acidic with and without boric acid) and zinc core and zinc-nickel alloy processes (alkaline and slightly acidic), Schlötter covers the entire range of available processes.

-The Schlötter portfolio also contains a tin-zinc alloy, for which Schlötter offers a slightly acidic process.

-Passivations (based on trivalent chromium) protect zinc and zinc alloy layers and thus optimize the corrosion resistance of the coating systems.

-Different passivations under the SLOTOPAS brand provide transparent, blue, yellow, iridescent or black optics. Passivations can handle both thick or thin film passivation and with or without cobalt.

Sealer & post-dip
Finishing products for zinc and zinc alloys that give the zinc surface improved protection.

-Sealer, based on organic, water-soluble substances which after drying gives a thin, transparent film on the zinc surface and which, in addition to improved corrosion protection, also gives better resistance to fingerprints and mechanical wear.

Post-dip, based on water-soluble, inorganic salts which, after drying, give a thin, dense film consisting of dried inorganic salts.

· Hard gloss bath for cutlery production.
· Glossy silver bath for electricity, electronics and general applications.
· A large selection of gold processes for decorative and technical applications.
· Carpet and glossy stone processes for decorative applications, household utensils, electronics and printed circuit board manufacturing.
Tin alloys
· Fluoride-free and fluoride-containing tin lead baths for various applications.
· Lead-free tin alloy baths that meet the requirements of the RoHS directive.
· Solutions for coating nickel on metal, plastic and ceramics.
For printed circuit boards
· Cleaners and chemicals for plating.
· Sour cups: Processes for pulse plating, vertical and horizontal applications.
· Carpet and glossy stone.
Tin / lead, matt or gloss, with or without fluoroborate.
Solderable lead-free tin alloys.
· Gold.
· Black oxidation.
· Resistive strips and metal strips.
Schlötter Svenska AB is a representative of phosphate products from Brünofix GmbH.

– Zinc Phosphate Phosphata T 170

– Zinc phosphate Phosphata Z 102 E for thin layer phosphating

– Manganese phosphate Phosphata M 111/5556

Other process chemicals
Schlötter Svenska AB also offers process chemicals for black oxidation and electrical polishing as well as products such as defoamers and precipitation chemicals.