Spare parts


Complete solutions for the surface treatment industry

Spare parts

Wide selection of spare parts and accessories

Schlötter Svenska AB offers a wide selection of spare parts and accessories for surface treatment plants. An established network of suppliers contributes to fast and secure deliveries.
We also offer remedial service in the form of troubleshooting and repair at your existing facilities. We can also assist with reviewing the components of your system and replacing or renovating parts if necessary.

For your facilities, we provide, for example:

  • Heaters, level monitors and equipment for temperature control.
  • Pumps, stirrers and filter housings.
  • Filter bags, filter paper and cartridges.
  • Rectifiers, anodes, anode baskets and anode bags.
  • Ventilation fans, drip traps and scrubbers.
  • Engines, gears and various lifting belts.
  • Hull cells and other laboratory equipment.
  • Troubleshooting and repair.

For our process chemistry, we offer regular rapid laboratory analyzes and we can also assist with a service that helps you reduce overtaking of details and complaints.

Our subsidiary GIHAB also offers preventive and remedial repair and maintenance of our customers’ conveyors and plastic containers etc. Service can be performed on a continuous basis, to ensure good quality and production.