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Schlötter Svenska AB was founded in 1980 and is a subsidiary of the German Dr. Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH, which has been in the service of surface treatment since 1912. The company is today one of the leading suppliers to the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and high-performance chemistry that deliver the required standard for coatings to a range of industries. Schlötter offers a wide range of processes for functional and decorative surface treatment.
We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and this results in a high level of customer satisfaction with the processes delivered for specific applications and with the customized surface treatment plants that are built.
Our subsidiary Galvanoservice AB has extensive knowledge of plastic processing and manufactures tanks, drums, vessels and ventilation ducts in materials such as PP, PVC, PVDF.

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Dr. Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH

Our parent company are specialists in the development of processes and production of chemical products as well as in the construction of facilities for electrolytic surface treatment and similar processes.
More than a century of experience in electrolytic research is the basis for the development and optimization of established processes. With subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, the Schlötter Group covers all conceivable surface treatment techniques. Its global operations and competitiveness are evident from Schlötter Germany’s current export quota of over 40% of its sales.

Dr.-Ing. Max Schlötter (1878 – 1946), one of the pioneers behind today’s high-performance gloss electrolytes; author of more than 100 international patents.

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